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Design & engineering

We develop the design process from feasibility to the construction project phase following the principles of flexibility, efficiency and sustainability by responding to customer needs in terms of content, quality and costs.

The integration and coordination of the different disciplines of architecture, structure and systems is a fundamental condition for ensuring a successful project oriented towards innovation, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The services provided also concern acoustic design, fire prevention and safety coordination. Since 2017 we have been developing our projects in the BIM environment, an intelligent modeling tool for project management. The dedicated team is made up of qualified professionals specialized in the development of multidisciplinary models that communicate with other more specialized software (energy and structural modeling). The areas of application of the design concern multiple sectors: University and School, Healthcare, Residential, Tertiary (offices and shopping centres), Industrial. For over 15 years we have been developing research in the sector of innovative and optimized mechanical and electrical fluid systems with extensive use of renewable energy and energy systems recovered from industrial and agricultural processes. We provide structural design services for new buildings and interventions for the improvement and seismic adaptation of existing buildings, assessment of static suitability and verification of seismic vulnerability. Our clients are private companies and public administrations. Over the years we have acquired great expertise in managing tenders for obtaining financing across multiple funds (e.g. three-year school building plans, GSE Thermal Account)

Project & construction management

We follow the building contract from project verification to planning with cost control and budget formation. We provide assistance in completing construction tenders.

Management of works

We deal with the work management activity ensuring the best quality through planning, monitoring and control of the construction phases up to completion and testing. The mastery of the technical and managerial aspects has allowed us to successfully complete highly complex construction sites.

Coordination of safety

We consider safety coordination to be a crucial issue in the field of Construction Management. Our specialists work in synergy with the design staff from the initial stages of the project and have great experience in meticulously following the correct progress of the works and monitoring the construction site.

Verification of design

Over the years we have developed integrated checklists for the control activities of project documents and their compliance with regulations. We have equipped ourselves with a system for managing and updating current legislation. Since 2019, our checks have been certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.


Energy optimization involves in-depth knowledge and monitoring of building-systems. The analysis process is aimed at supporting the design for the correct choice of building components, the type of system and related sizing, the integration between architecture/structure and systems for the optimization of the entire system.

Monitoring e optimization

The optimization strategy also involves energy monitoring with the aim of reducing unnecessary costs by reinvesting the savings in energy efficiency. For our projects we study effective regulation, control and management systems for building-plant systems.

Energy certification

We have many years of experience in the field of energy certification according to national standards and regional regulations. We are advanced energy certifiers of Cened (Lombardy Region) and Beauclimat (Valle d’Aosta) having also participated in the development of the calculation procedures (scientific consultancy by Prof. Eng. Paolo Oliaro).

Energy audit

We provide advanced energy diagnosis services using tools
simulation in both dynamic and stationary regimes. We apply procedures
of energy audits recognized internationally and carried out by figures
EGE professionals (Energy Management Experts), certified according to the standard
UNI CEI 11339.


Integrated design approach developed according to the key elements of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

Energy concept

We develop the energy concept through the minimization of needs, the optimization of plant performance and the use of renewable energy for the best energy efficiency and optimal user comfort.

Thermal comfort with CFD simulations

With advanced CFD simulations, we study and obtain the best solutions for the thermo-hygrometric comfort of environments.

Consulting for sustainable solutions

In every project we aim to minimize the environmental impact. We apply certification systems to evaluate the level of sustainability to guarantee high performance standards of our interventions. We provide services for obtaining LEED Certification (US system for classifying the energy efficiency and ecological footprint of buildings developed by the U.S. Green Building Council) and ITACA (Italian Green Building certification system).

​ ratings

We provide services for evaluating acoustic conditions and planning interventions aimed at optimizing comfort. The objects of study include building structures, closed spaces and open spaces, up to the urban planning and territorial infrastructure scale. We also deal with the verification of the sound insulation and sound absorption characteristics of building structures; impact and acoustic climate assessments; municipal acoustic zoning plans and noise remediation plans.